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V.K. Jehannum & S.E. Anewbiz Joined Together To Reveal The Most Powerful Rites, Secret Never Before Released Gnosis, So Far Unknown Techniques, And Much More!

Secrets You Cannot Get Anywhere Else

  • Spirituality Ascension

    This spiritual masterclass allows you to remove blockages, work with your chakras, develop your psychic senses, and much more.


    Access over 80+ masterclass videos.

  • The Book of Astarte and Astaroth

    The Book of Astarte and Astaroth contains eight extremely powerful and simple rituals designed to help a beginning or intermediate magickian become very magickally powerful very quickly.


    These rites, all channeled directly from Chavajoth, will introduce the magickian to spirits that are possessed of greater power than most sorcerers will ever encounter.

  • Occult Oasis Grimoire

    This occult video grimoire consists of transformation rites that have pushed Anewbiz from nothing to ultimate success in his love, business, general, and spiritual life.


    Applying the knowledge of this grimoire is like supercharging your soul with spiritual power and opening a door to ultimate success in your life.

  • Gods of Egypt Grimoire

    Awaken the God within yourself and access the world of egyptian gnosis.


    This grimoire consists of never before released invocations of the Egyptian Gods and Egyptian rites that have been kept secret.


    Those that are worthy enough to have a look into this masterpiece will uplift themselves into the egyptian world.

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  • Most Powerful Rites.

    Have you ever wanted to get access to the private and most powerful rites of occultists that have already reached their earthly desires and have also true spiritual power?


    There are rites you can find in books and on the internet and then there are the Occult Oasis rites that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Secret Gnosis.

    Some spirits do not want to reveal themselves to the public and there is also knowledge that is not meant for the public.


    Within the Occult Oasis you can discover powerful gnosis that have been channeled from the strongest spirits.

  • Unknown Techniques.

    Do you want to empower yourself quicker, more effectively, and in the most powerful way?


    It is difficult to know what works the best without trying everything out and the knowledge that is available to the public is often manipulated and filled with misleading lies.


    Look behind the curtains and use only the most powerful techniques to dramatically boost your results.

  • No Fluff.

    We get to the point and don't sell fancy occult stories.


    For too long the occult industry is selling fancy occult stories as "occult gnosis".


    We have put our focus on real facts and real gnosis that you can apply on yourself to transform your life.

    Who Runs The Occult Oasis ...

    V.K. Jehannum

    V.K. Jehannum - the occultists that is known for his straight forward teachings and never before seen knowledge.

    S.E. Anewbiz

    S.E. Anewbiz - the male witch that is teaching only practical knowledge from the Gods & spirits.

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    Spirituality Ascension Phase 0 - 9

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    The Rite to Lucifer

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    How to Develop a Good Relationship with Spirits​

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    4 Years Student Of Anewbiz


    I was searching for guidance and knowledge and Anewbiz transformed my old self into a powerful spiritual self. I can now see and feel spirits and I've mastered chakra workings and I removed blockages in form of parasitic beings.


    Student Of Anewbiz


    After Getting No Results From 5 Different Occultist For 4 Long Months. Anewbiz has changed my life within a few weeks. He removed all obstacles and negativity so I can live with the love of my life!


    Client Of Anewbiz

    I have read many occult books from the most popular occultist but Anewbiz has taught me occult knowledge that I have not found inside of these books and everything I have learned from Anewbiz is priceless but if other occultists would publish that - it would cost many thousands of dollars and still it won't be as helpful as Anewbiz. You can really feel how much he cares about his clients as his support is priceless.



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